Craig Dack

Craig Dack is five times national Motocross Champion and four times Mr.MX, equalling the remarkable record of fellow Australian Motorsport Hall of Fame inductee Stephen Gall. Gall won his titles half a decade before Dack.

Dack was arguably Australian Motocross’s first superstar at a time the sport advanced to being televised entertainment. He was given a brand-name: the Dack Attack , a title which matched his riding style and his on-air persona.

Dack raced for Australia seven times in the World Motocross of Nations. His best result, with Glenn Bell and Jeff Leisk was fourth in 1988.

Injury forced Dack to retire from active competition. He went on to become owner and manager of Craig Dack Racing Yamaha, one of the country’s leading and most enduring motocross teams. The team is a talent hub, responsible, amongst others, for the discovery of world renowned Chad Reed.