A legacy for future generations

The Australian Motorsport Hall of Fame exists for future generations.


A single voice

The Australian Motorsport Hall of Fame is there to inform and inspire not only new competitors but also to ensure that the legacies of our high achievers are captured.

Our Hall of Fame was founded in 2016 – more than a century after motor racing first started.

The Hall of Fame began as an initiative of Motorsport Australia with support from all Peak bodies.

The Australian Motorsport Council is the most logical custodian of the Hall Of Fame as it crosses over all motorsport disciplines. In 2022, it was unanimously decided that the AMC should fill the role of custodian of the Australian Motorsport Hall Of Fame.

Recognition of achievers

Our heroes are also public heroes and they deserve community recognition.

The Hall of Fame exists to identify achievers across all facets of the sport, so we will never limit the number of nominations. But we may limit the number of inductees.

So far there has been on average less than one person a year inducted into our Hall of Fame since the start of motor sport. That’s exclusive. We’d like to keep it that way.

But we also believe we should be acting as a library of achievement, so we will never cease to seek out those who’ve reached for the stars.