Hall Of Fame Inductee Criteria

Competitor Members

Those who have competed at the highest level of competition available in their chosen discipline(s).

Competition Members will fall into one of the following sub categories;

  • Motor Racing
  • Rally
  • Off Road Racing
  • Motorcycle Road Racing
  • Motocross
  • Motorcycle Off Road – Enduro
  • Motorcycle Track (including Speedway)
  • Speedway (cars)
  • Drag Racing
  • Karting
  • Land Speed Records

Special Members

Those selected for excellence and outstanding achievements in roles supportive to motor sports’ participants (e.g. team management, administration, media/history, engineering, technology and officiating).


Nominees must be:

  • Australian citizens or residents who have held a competition licence issued by a recognised Australian sanctioning body for a significant period,
  • superior achievers at the highest level of competition in their discipline, which is of national or international significance.

Nominees will be considered two years after their retirement from their highest level of competition or:

If their performance is particularly outstanding warranting special recognition.

Naturally, long service alone is not sufficient to qualify a person as a nominee.


Must already be inductees into the Australian Motorsport Hall of Fame.

They will have had a particularly positive impact on the sport and achieved true greatness in motorsport either in Australia or internationally.