Donald Kingsley Thomson

The man who invented CAMS


Donald Kingsley Thomson, known universally as DKT, was a man of many talents; a keen sportsman and a student of the law.

After active service as a pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force he became a journalist and editor with the Melbourne ‘Herald’.

He entered motor sport as a racing driver, a trials competitor and an organiser where he earned a reputation for setting tough events and for administering his regulations with a firm hand.

When the Australian Automobile Association relinquished the control of motor sport, a group comprising Doug Verco, Maurice Monk and DKT created the CAMS in February of 1953.

DKT was appointed Honorary Secretary.

For 20 years DKT’s intensive service saw CAMS thrive, earning a reputation for strong regulations and the most robust judicial processes.

DKT served under a succession of presidents. He robustly defended the principles of sportsmanship and represented Australia on the international scene.

He established the ethos and principles which made the CAMS one of the most respected motor sport federations in the world.