Garry Rush

10x Australian Sprintcar Champion


Garry Rush is much more than a great speedway driver who moved from the mighty midgets to Sprintcars, those winged behemoths with more power than a grand prix car but with a lot less grip.

Rush has had an enormous influence on Australian speedway for more than 40 years. He’s still involved as a part owner of Granville speedway, running a team and watching his grandson progress in his motor racing career.

Rush did some seasons in the US, as well as later bringing some of their top drivers to race here.

In the 24 years from 1975 to 1998 he won 10 Sprintcar championships, was runner-up once and had four third places, a 60 percent podium record.

He also drove in several Bathurst 1000 enduros, with a best result of ninth place in 1987.

He enjoyed Bathurst but it didn’t take him from his first love stating: “Once you’ve driven a Sprintcar there’s nothing else you want to drive. They’re so quick, so demanding – and very enjoyable.”