Gary Flood

8x Australian Motocross Champion


As a 15 year-old schoolboy, Gary Flood won the first motocross race he entered riding an 80cc Suzuki farm bike prepared by his father Bert.

This was to ignite a passion that took Flood to a special place in motocross as a pioneer as the sport emerged into a new era of professionalism.

Flood was a teenage prodigy who at 17 he won all the solo classes — 125, 250 and 500cc – at the 1969 Australian Championships.

In 1970 and ’71 he spent two years in England campaigning a Bultaco before returning home to Victoria to make a surprise but successful switch in bike codes.

At Melbourne’s Brooklyn track Flood won his first motorcycle speedway race, a victory that saw him return to England in 1972 when he was called up as a member of the Australasia team in a series against England.

But his first love was motocross and in 1974 he won two more national championships with dominant performances in the 250 and 500cc Australian titles on a Bultaco.

In 1975 Flood added the prestigious Mr Motocross series to his impressive tally of eight national motocross titles setting a benchmark for future generations.