Graham Withers

Graham Withers is three times Australian Top Eliminator drag racing champion and he was runner up on two other occasions. He pioneered drag racing, emulating his American hero Don Garlits.

Withers won his first national title in 1966 in a 1000hp rail dragster only three months after he entered the sport. The category was so new that it was only the second National title held.

Withers was regarded as fearless, escaped several high speed crashes, but went on to become recognised as Australian drag racing’s first full time professional.

His times by today’s standards seem slow but they were then groundbreaking. He claimed his second national title with a pass of 7.87secs.

His quest to become the first to crack 200MPH (320kmh) was unsuccessful. His fastest achievement was 199.54mph . He crashed trying to find the extra speed.

Graham Withers became a motorsport components innovator. Many of his performance products were taken up the US market.