Larry Ormsby OAM

National Top Fuel Dragster Champion


Larry Ormsby had his first drag race at Calder in May 1968 driving the family XR GT Falcon.

It was the height of the muscle car era and Ormsby was Ford’s tin top master of the quarter mile in series of GT and GTHO Falcons.

He quickly established himself as the Big O of drag racing.

Ormsby’s talent was spotted by legendary Ford race boss Al Turner and in 1971 he drove a full-factory supported XY Falcon GTHO to victory in the inaugural Pro Stock Nationals.

Stepping up to the elite Top Fuel dragsters, the Big O continued his winning ways claiming national titles in 1979 and again in 1984 with a new record speed of 241mph.

Across various categories Ormsby won five national championships setting new standards of professionalism.

In the fan favourite Waltzing Matilda Ford Louisville Jet Truck, Ormsby set five CAMS sanctioned Category C land speed records with a best of 284.4km/h in 1979.

Ormsby was also a visionary administrator and he was instrumental in establishing the Australian National Drag Racing Association.

He managed major venues Calder, Adelaide and Heathcote, and the Winfield Pro Series.