Philip Crump

1976 Speedway World Team Cup


Philip John Crump was just eighteen when his prodigious speedway talents emerged at his home track in Mildura.

A year later in 1971, Crump was racing in British League speedway, sparking an impressive two decade career for this humble dirt track virtuoso.

Crump made the first of three World Final appearances in 1975 at Wembley stadium. A year later and he was on the podium with third place in the 1976 world final in Poland.

That same year it was Crump’s inspirational performance that spearheaded a historic Australian victory in the 1976 World Team Cup at White City in London.

Australia defeated speedway super-powers Poland and Sweden with Crump the top points scorer.

At home he won four Australian speedway championships – the first in 1975 at the Sydney Showground and the last one 13 years later in 1988.

That 1975 victory revolutionised speedway, with Crump introducing an innovative Australian developed 4-valve Jawa engine.

On retirement in 1990 Crump was an integral part of a globetrotting campaign that produced an unmatched three speedway world championships by his son Jason.

For five decades the Crump speedway dynasty has been a benchmark for dedication and professionalism.