Stefan Merriman

4x World Enduro Champion


Inspired by his trials riding father, Stefan Merriman rose to prominence as a 15 year old winning the 1989 World Junior Trials Championship.

But it is in the World Enduro Championship that Merriman established himself as one of the world’s leading all-round motorcyclists.

In an eleven year career based in Italy from 1998, Merriman won four World Enduro Championships, twice going back-to-back.

Merriman rode Husqvarna to his first world championship in the 250cc category in 2000 and backed that up with the 400cc world crown in 2001.

He went back-to-back again in 2003 and 2004.

Merriman’s stunning European campaign in 2004 resulted in 13 event wins in a series regarded as the Olympics of Motorcycling.

Enduro Championship rounds are typically run over two days, eight hours a day, combining physically exhausting sprint and endurance off-road sections.

The discipline places maximum demands on riders, machines and reliability. Riders must complete their own mechanical repairs each day.

Enduro competition is the FIM’s longest held motorcycling World Championship, now running for more than 100 years since 1913.

Adding to his standout overseas performances Merriman was a four-time winner of the Australian Four Day Enduro Championship.